Opening and Closing

Spring Assembly

We can take care of opening your pool. We will test your water and equipment and provide an electronic report of our findings. We will communicate issues that we find so you can decide to resolve them.


Summer unfortunately comes to an end. QPC can prepare your pool for the harsh winter months. We can evacuate the water from your pipes and cover your pool. This critical service is best left to the professionals at QPC.

Scheduled Services

Full Weekly Service/Chemical Service

Leave the work and worry to us. QPC offers two service options. With our FULL weekly service we: test, treat and clean your pool and/or spa.

With our chemical service, we test and treat your pool and/or spa. This option can be offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. QPC offers these services to help protect your investment.

Vacation Service

Going on vacation? Worried about keeping up with the maintenance of your pool while you are away? Don’t fret! Allow QPC to do it for you. QPC will work with you to schedule service on your pool while you are away.

Winter Watch

We don’t stop just because it’s winter and neither does your pool. This is particularly important for newly plastered pools. The plaster is still curing and the pH needs to be adjusted downward. We note the water level, test and treat your water and turn over your equipment. We offer this program to help take the worry out of managing these things when the weather and the water temperature are cold.

Additional Services

Custom Pool Covers

A QPC specialist will design a cover specific to your pool and/or spa. We are able to design a cover to fit around your waterfalls, rocks and even caves. QPC works closely with manufacturers to ensure you receive the best safety cover for your needs. [LEARN MORE]

Equipment Repair/Replacement

Having problems with your equipment? Don’t worry, just give us a call. Our trained technicians will help with issues that may present themselves with your pool and/or spa equipment. [LEARN MORE]

Empty Clean/Acid Wash

Water looking dull? Having trouble balancing/establishing chlorine? QPC’s Empty Clean service can help refresh the radiance of your pool and make balancing possible again. Our professionals will drain your pool, remove debris and wash your pool’s surface with cleansing agents that can revitalize your pool’s interior finish.

Pool Inspections

Are you looking to sell or buy a home? Allow QPC to perform an operational pool inspection to receive an accurate estimate of what the pool in question is worth. Gain peace of mind by letting our professionals gauge the true value of your pool.

During the inspection, our experts will assess:

  • The pool’s structure
  • Pool deck and deck equipment
  • Skimmers, ladders, rails, etc.
  • Mechanical pool equipment
  • Heater, filter, pumps, cleaners, etc.
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Poles, nets, brushes, test kits, manual vacuums, etc.

We will go above and beyond, so you can spend
your summer enjoying your backyard oasis.

Quality Pool Care
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