Spring Assembly

Let us help you get your pool or spa ready for a successful swimming season. [LEARN MORE]

Spring assembly includes the assembly and installation of all parts and accessories removed or disassembled for winterization. Quality Pool Care understands the importance of this service. We will check to make sure that all equipment is working properly. If necessary, we will communicate any issues we find and follow up in a timely manner.


Extend the life of your pool and equipment with our professional end-of-season services. [LEARN MORE]

Professional winterization service is vital to the protection of your pool or spa and equipment in cold weather. We will prepare all aspects of your pool or spa for the winter off-season. This critical service is best left to the professionals at Quality Pool Care.


Leave the work to us! We can take the hassle out of your swimming season. [LEARN MORE]

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from chemical checks, full service, vacation services and winter watch. Click below for full details and pricing.

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We can provide maintenance, replacement and upgrades to all types of pool equipment. [LEARN MORE]


ColorLogic LED Lights

Hayward ColorLogic lights enhance your evening swimming and take lighting to a whole new level. LED lights are the brightest and most responsive for pool or spa use. They have the capability to be totally managed, from color selection to light shows! [BROCHURE]


A scalable, flexible line of total pool management equipment. [BROCHURE]

ProLogic — Sense and Dispense

Sense and Dispense allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool and much less time worrying about water chemistry. It uses automation to read and regulate the water and balance as needed. Sense and Dispense samples the water more frequently than competing products, allowing for a more constant, effective method of keeping water balanced. [BROCHURE]


Quality Pool Care offers a full line of pressure side cleaners, featuring the Hayward Phantom. Let us evaluate your current equipment for repair or replacement. Robotic cleaners are also available.

Salt Chlorination

Salt chlorination provides water that is clean and clear, and leaves your skin feeling soft. This system uses salt and turns it into a self-regenerating supply of chlorine. No more tablets, strong chemical odors, burning eyes, itchy skin or bleached-out clothes and suits! [BROCHURE]


  • Hayward SwimClear reusable cartridge filters [BROCHURE]
  • Rapid release manual air relief
  • Durable tank
  • Top manifold — no more crushed bottom collector plates
  • Hayward Pro-Grid D.E. filters [BROCHURE]
  • Superior water clarity, efficient flow and large cleaning capacity
  • Rapid release manual air relief
  • Durable tank
  • Easy access to grid assembly
  • Heavy duty clamp holds top and bottom pieces together

Pumps and Motors

Pool Covers

We offer a wide variety of swimming pool covers to fit your needs. [LEARN MORE]

  • New and re-made pool covers
  • Covers from Merlin, Anchor and Garrett
  • Mesh, solid and thermo-light cover types
  • Custom-made safety covers help protect your family
  • Our professional cover installation saves you time and hassle!

Due to our existing relationship with cover manufacturers and our compatible products database, we are able to duplicate your existing cover without re-measuring or shipping. This gives us the ability to use existing deck hardware, saving you money. We also offer covers for stand-alone spas and Jacuzzis.

Acid Wash/Empty Clean

Got debris or discoloration of the plaster? Has your pool water lost it's sparkle? We can help. [LEARN MORE]

Quality Pool Care's Acid Wash/Empty Clean service includes a complete pumping of your pool water to restore the sparkle of new pool water. We also remove any debris that we find in the pool throughout this process. Once the pool is empty of water and debris, the surface is washed with cleansing agents. This service will help return your pool interior finish to that new look, and at the same time remove any old, tired, high-TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water.

Pool Inspections

Professional pool inspections for prospective sellers and buyers. [LEARN MORE]

Quality Pool Care performs thorough visual and operational pool inspections for prospective home sellers and buyers. Let our professionals help gauge the true value of your pool! Throughout these inspections, the condition of everything pool-related is assessed, including:

  • The overall pool structure
  • Pool deck and deck equipment
  • Skimmers, ladders, rails, etc.
  • Mechanical pool equipment
  • Heater, filter, pumps, cleaners, etc.
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Poles, nets, brushes, test kits, manual vacuums, etc.

Winter Watch

Complete protection plan for your pool and spa in the winter months. [LEARN MORE]

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