New Pool Preparation and Startup Guide

Hello, we are Quality Pool Care, an authorized pool care company for Blue Haven Pools. We look forward to working with you and providing your pool care. The following information is designed to help you and protect your investment. Please call with any questions you may have. My staff or I will assist you.

Keith Parvin
Quality Pool Care President

Important Points of Contact:
QPC MAIN OFFICE: (215) 997-7766
QPC FAX: (215) 997-7763

Protect Package

Quality Pool Care is pleased to start its 19th season as a Blue Haven Pools by Calvitti authorized dealer. The Pool/Spa Protect Package has been designed to insure a successful start to your new pool or spa. Quality Pool Care has packaged these items and chemicals together for your convenience. Please take a moment and review.

Immediately at completion of plaster, regardless of how you choose to fill (haul or hose), a cushion of water 2' to 3' deep will be added to deep end of pool.

You must have (pool side) a new/proper garden hose available to the plaster crew one that won't destroy your new plaster by staining as it comes in contact with the fresh plaster or 3m Quartz finish. The Protect Package provides a hose and hose Bobby for the end of the hose, keeping the metal end of hose off fresh plaster and at the same time filtering out particles, both of which can cause staining.

The importance of balancing the water in your new pool or spa is critical to protecting the interior finish as it starts the curing process of which the first fourteen days are the most important. The Protect Package includes a pool side water analysis by Quality Pool Care and chemical kit with a detailed regiment of what, how, where and when to add to your pool.

Please contact our office with questions on details of Protect Package delivery and pricing.

Filling of Pool

The preferred method of filling is a water hauler, and arrangements should be made in advance. For a list of water hauling companies in your area, please call our office at (215) 997-7766. It is recommended that you do not fill your pool from a fire hydrant, creek, stream or well.

Regardless of how you fill, you must add a treatment to protect your pool from metals, phosphates, organic debris and scaling carbonates. This is included in the Pool/Spa Protect Package designed specifically for the protection of new plastered pools and spas. A hose must be made readily available to the plaster crew so they can begin filling in the deep end at completion of plaster. A cushion of 2' to 3' of water must be in the deep end of the pool before delivered water can be added.

Under no circumstances stop the water while pool is filling until it reaches the middle of the tile. Do not allow anyone or pets in pool. Do not touch plaster until pool is full of water to center of tile. If pool is going to be left unattended while filling and you fear overflowing the pool, turn water down to a slower rate but do not turn off until water reaches middle of tile.

Attention Spa Owners

If you have a spa attached to your swimming pool, special care should be exercised during the initial filling. If the spa is being filled separately or in conjunction with the pool, it is very important that the water is turned off before it spills over the spa dam wall. Failure to heed this precaution could possibly lead to streaking on the plaster or 3m Quartz in the pool.



QPC will arrive prior to indoctrination time to finish assembling the pool and equipment (chlorinators, pool cleaners, handrails, etc.). Power must be on to pool filtration equipment. It is very important to leave all equipment or anything that Blue Haven left out, so that QPC will have access to install.

The filtration equipment is to be started by QPC only. If the filtration equipment has been started prior to QPC's arrival, your Blue Haven warranty may be voided.

Swimming is not recommended until completion of indoctrination, 48 hours of filtration and a safe sanitizer level (1-3ppm of Free Chlorine) has been achieved. Now that your pool has been placed into operation it must remain running 24 hours a day for two weeks.


You must be home for an hour or two for this invaluable indoctrination process. QPC at this time will provide you with verbal instructions on the operations of your pool or spa and will be happy to assist you in the care of your pool and its needs including chemicals, equipment, parts, accessories and maintenance. It is our chance to help you get the fun started. Please feel free to record the indoctrination or take notes as I know you will find this helpful.


First, here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to fill my pool?

The best way to fill the pool is with a water hauler. However, before the water hauler can dump the water into the pool there has to be a 2' to 3' cushion of water in the pool. This cushion should be added with the new hose and hose bobby from the QPC PROtection Kit. QPC can also provide you with a list of water trucking companies in your area.

When can I get in the pool?

Two things need to occur before anyone should enter the pool. First, the water level should be to the middle of the tile band and all plaster should be covered by water. Second, there should be a safe, free chlorine level of 1-3ppm.

When can I use the heater?

The heater should not be used for the first two weeks of the curing process.

When can I use the cleaner?

The cleaner should not be used for the first two weeks of the curing process.

When can I convert my system to salt chlorination?

It is the plaster manufacturer's recommendation that the plaster cure for 30 days before any salt is added to the pool.

Spring 2017 Service Agreement

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Spring 2017 service agreement and explanation of services for contract customers